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Super Plusha Game Info

Super Plusha was released on 17 October 2002 via Korean MeGaGP.
Now you can buy and download full version of Super Plusha here: JoyGP (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Korean languages are available now). Get free Super Plusha's demo here.

STORY: A little bear Plusha saves his fluffy friend Tukki and their land from aliens. You may collect or buy super items to become Super Plusha. But it isn't necessary. You have just freed your friends.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Plusha the bear, Tukki (Tokki in Korean
version) the hare and Kuzya the cat.


Super Plusha English Manual

Super Plusha
English Manual PDF(462k)
Please, read Super Plusha manual before playing. You'll find out how to save your game in progress. It will teach you some super items tricks and reveal several alien secrets.




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